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Waxed and oiled wood floors

Waxed and oiled wood floors
Blanchon can offer an efficient solution or product for all your oiled or waxed wood floor maintenance needs: intensive and gentle cleaners, oils and natural soaps. Soft, silky, warm and pleasant to the touch, oiled or waxed wood floor floors need to be regularly maintained in order to preserve their natural beauty. The wood of an oiled wood floor must be nourished with a maintenance oil in order to protect it from daily wear and tear, dust and other dirt that can seep through the wooden boards. With a high impregnation rate, maintenance oils penetrate the wood for optimal protection.

For the frequent cleaning of oiled or waxed , often damaged by repeated footfall, cleaners, gentle rinse-free soaps or water-soluble intensive cleaners are commonly used to remove stains or other marks. Before using a cleaning product, dust the floors using a broom or vacuum cleaner. Finally, wipe the floor with a damp microfibre cloth over the entire surface before applying the cleaners. All Blanchon cleaning products protect and maintain the natural appearance of your interior floors. See our range of maintenance products for lacquered or varnished wood floor.

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