• Phase Aqueuse
  • Microfibre broom
    Indicative coverage : 400 m²/L This yield is given for information purposes and may vary depending on the nature of your support

A gentle universal ready-to-use cleaner for the frequent maintenance of lacquered and oiled wooden floors

Lagoon® cleans most wooden floors without any odour, particularly traditional lacquered and oiled floors, pre-lacquered floors and pre-finished floating floors, etc. Lagoon® can also be used on laminate, melamine and PVC floors. Enriched with newly developed detergents, it does not require rinsing and leaves the floor spotless.


  • 0,5L
  • 2,5L

Features & Benefits

Cleans deeply and preserves the original appearance of the floor while leaving it spotless No need to rinse Lacquered and oiled wood floors Also suitable for laminate, melamine and PVC floors Ideal for frequent cleaning Odourless Non-slip

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