Universal Maintenance Oil

  • Microfibre broom
    Soft rag
    Indicative coverage : 40 m²/L/coat This yield is given for information purposes and may vary depending on the nature of your support

Universal Maintenance Oil is compatible with all oiled wood floors (on building sites and in factories), whatever the finish: traditional or water-based.

Universal Maintenance Oil protects and regenerate all Blanchon oils: Hard Waxoil, Original Wood Environment. It is also ideally suited for maintaining factory finished oiled wood floors. Because it is so easy to use, does not require polishing and dries quickly, areas can be returned to use almost immediately: 20 mins.


  • Matt
  • Satin


  • 1L

Features & Benefits

Excellent adhesion on all oiled wood floors regardless of the finishing coat. Strong regenerating power Dry in 20 minutes Odourless No polishing Easy application with a spray bottle Visible application area Non-slip: Tested in accordance with NF EN 13036-4
Regulatory information

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