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Our values

Founded in 1832, Blanchon Group strives to follow these principles:

• Respect for people, one of the company’s core values,

• Quality products that made Blanchon a recognized name and earn its customers trust daily,

• Constant innovation, an essential ability enabling the company to maintain its leading position,

• Decoration and Design, allowing our customers to fulfill their imagination thanks to the very essence of our craft as “colour manufacturers”,

• Protection of the Environment. Sustainable development is a high ethical standard developped and implemented by the company long before that theme became fashionable.

Our strengths lie within a perfectly balanced activity between the building industry and the DIY sector, led by constant innovation and registration of new patents. For the past 30 years, 30% of our revenue was made by products less than 3 years old.

Our goals are set high to bring customers satisfaction to new standards. And Blanchon's environmentally-friendly approach goes beyond simple words, the group is commited every day on sustainable development through facts and figures.†

Denis Reyes - Chief Executive Officer

Louis-Philippe Reynaud - Managing Director

Blanchon Group corporate video
Quality, Innovation, Decoration, Environment.

Denis Reyes, Louis-Philippe Reynaud