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  • Complexe Carbonne
  • Brush
    Large paintbrush
    Indicative coverage : 10 m²/L/coat This yield is given for information purposes and may vary depending on the nature of your support


Removes stubborn stains resistant to everyday cleaners from oiled wood floor.

Powerful Cleaner thoroughly removes the most stubborn stains and dirt from all oiled wood floors. A powerful degreaser, it removes build-ups of grease and smudges. It prepares surfaces for a new application of maintenance or original oil. Dangerous. Follow the directions for use carefully. 


  • Bare Timber
  • Gloss
  • Invisible Effect
  • Matt
  • Satin
  • Ultra Matt


  • 4,5+0,5L
  • 9L
  • 1L


Degreasing and cleaning All oiled wood floors Thoroughly cleans stubborn stains and dirt Removes built-up layers of dirt Odourless
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