S.O. Primer

  • Single brush
    Indicative coverage : 10m²/L This yield is given for information purposes and may vary depending on the nature of your support

A traditional primer to be applied before all Blanchon lacquers or wax to warm up the original tone of the wood.

A single-component primer with a subtle odour, S.O. PRIMER is intended for application before all Blanchon lacquers. It is also an excellent primer for waxing. Easy to apply and quick-drying, it offers significant time savings. The S.O. PRIMER is recommended for "fixing" Blanchon Waterborne Dye or Wood-Ageing Agent before applying a water-based lacquer. Its high adhesion makes it well-suited to ensuring the adhesion of lacquers to exotic woods.



  • 5L

Features & Benefits

Ready to use Preserves the natural colour of the wood Quick drying: 45mins Versatile Suitable before: BELMONT®, INTENSIV®, PERFORMER®, ICEBERG, SPORT®, INITIAL®, ATHEN,,
Regulatory information
  • Émission dans l'air intérieur (B)-djv5geima75d
    Émission dans l'air intérieur (B)-djv5geima75d

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