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Hard wax oil

Superior wood finishes. Hardwax oil: a single but multi-task product for wood

Care for your wood floors with a Hard waxoil that performs several tasks in one product thanks to the know-how of leading specialist in wood care, Blanchon. Expert finishes for indoor or exterior wood by the French company are available from distributors in several countries, including the UK and Ireland.

Hard wax oil and floor oils for professional restorers and decorators in need of ready-to-use products, that meet safety standards and respect the environment, without comprising high quality application and finish, are developed and continually improved by Blanchon's R&D department.  Long-lasting protection and decoration with Blanchon oils. In a single product, easy application, quick drying,
Blanchon Hardwax Oil stains and protects wood floors and allows you to create the exact finish desired such as the aged effect when combined with Blanchon wood-ageing products.

Developed using natural waxes and vegetable oils, Blanchon Hardwax Oil is available in 14 colours, mixable colours for colour matching, and is suitable for any type of wood. The beautiful finish is enhanced by the oil's ability to highlight the grain of your wooden flooring for a quality, natural finish. Finishes: matt, natural, satin, stained or aged all your decorating solutions. Quick drying and easy to use, the product can be used for home and professional applications for floors and other wood surfaces. Solid'Oil, HIGH SOLID ONE-COAT HARD WAXOIL. Oils hardener: faster return to service, faster drying, improved performance.

Hardwax oils and wood care products

The Blanchon range of Hard wax oils and floor oils includes the bare wood, the Original Wood, Environment Oil designed for professionals or home users, a quick dryng formula that requires only one hour drying time between applications and can be used with a roller no buffing. Bare Timber finsih  Gloss level < 4 (UB): lowest matt power on the market. A matt finish is obtained without the use of solvents in line with Blanchon's approach to creating ecologically sustainable wood care products. Feel free to view product brochures, safety sheets or contact a supplier near you...

If you would like any further information about Blanchon Hardwax Oils, please contact us.