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Wood floor varnish : Superior wood finishes.

Wood floor varnish for a professional finish

We invite you to discover the range of wood floor varnish and interior varnishes desinged and manufactured by leading French company, Blanchon. Suitable for domestic and professional users, particularly if you are interested in high quality, environmentally friendly products with excellent finish. A new Bio-Based*range Prim'Lacquer, Up'Lacquer, bassed on natural renewable materials, developed exclusively for flooring professionals, to best meet customers’ expectations for eco friendly materials.

The ready-to-use single component wood floor varnish, CHAMBORD SD, INITIAL, has been developed using a water-based, polyurethane formula and latest technologies, ideal for most types of wood, it has the added comfort of being odourless and dry enough for the floor surface to be used again only 24 hours after application of final coat.

Available satin, gloss or matt finish, you can create the exact ambience you desire for your space while respecting the wood grain. Among the range of wood floor varnishes, two component formulas designed for sealing and protection of high traffic areas, such as BLUMOR, INTENSIV and BELMONT provide a beautiful finish...feel free to learn more about our products...

Wood floor Varnish - workshop shop videos

Blanchon is proud to share its know-how in wood care and treatment products, workshop videos are available online to help users obtain maximum results with our wood floor varnishes, floor oils, exterior wood care products and more.

If you would like to find a distributor or supplier near you or have any queries regarding Blanchon products, please contact us.