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Wood floor product : Superior wood finishes.

Wood floor products by Blanchon

A presentation of wood floor products by leading French company, Blanchon cannot ignore the evident passion for wood of all types: hard wood, exotic woods, even plywoods...a whole range of products have been developed to renovate, restore and enhance the beauty of wood floors with care for both the wood and the environment. A new Bio-Based*range Prim'Lacquer, Up'Lacquer, bassed on natural renewable materials, developed exclusively for flooring professionals, to best meet customers’ expectations for eco friendly materials.

Discover the range of wood floor products for domestic and professional applications, the choice of floor oil, floor lacquer, wood stain will depend on the type of use and level of traffic of the floor space concerned and of course, depends on the particular finish desired. For example, the single component wood floor lacquer, INITIAL, CHAMBORD SD, BLUMOR SD, INTENSIV a hard wearing wood treatments with protective properties (non-slip formulas and non-invasive to wood). Feel free to view the wood floor product range, with production description, safety data sheets, workshop videos online.

Whether you need to fill, seal or would like to give your wood floor a beautiful, worn look with our wood-ageing agent, you can trust the Blanchon label for easy of application, safety standards and quality finish.

Wood floor products and where to find them

For a distributor or supplier near you, contact a local salesman for a list of outlets...for any further information or recommendations about our wood floor products, please contact us. You can find out more about our technology and commitment to sustainable products online!