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Wood floor finish : Superior wood finishes.

Wood floor finish: natural, satin or gloss?

Expert wood floor finishes for professionals and home users by Blanchon are available from distributors near you. Hard wax oil, floor oils, Solid'Oil, Original wood, floor varnish, and water-based lacquers developed using environmentally safe products provide a high quality finish with easy application. The Blanchon range can be applied on any type of wood using synthetic resins or vegetal ingredient based formulas, the results are improved drying times and desired finish.

Long lasting protection and maintenance with a wooden floor finish you desire, we invite you to discover more about Blanchon oils and primers and lacquers. For effective sealing of wood floors, parquets and staircases, the Oceanic Floor Varnish, INITIAL, is an odourless, water-based polyurethane varnish with high perfomance resistance to wear and tear. Your interior wood floors and surfaces are ready to be used just 24 hours after application of final coat.

Developed using innovative technology, the CHAMBORD SD, BLUMOR SD, INTENSIV is another water-based lacquer that will leave a soft yet lustruous wood floor finish and enhances the natural colour of your hard wood floor. Applied on bare wood without the need of a primer, with just two coats, the lacquer provides a non-polluting, beautiful result.

Wood Floor Finish and expert wood care

Brochures and safety data sheets, colour range, indeed all information relating to our products are available for viewing and download, allowing you to make the best choices for the wood floor or other interior floor surface (plywood, cork) to be treated. We share our passion for wood with a number of workshop videos that not only demonstrate how easy our products are to use but help you get best quality results for your efforts!

Please contact us with any queries or requests, if you would like to know where you find Blanchon wood floor finishes: suppliers and distributors