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Wood coatings

Wood coatings with long-lasting, beautiful finish

Blanchon Wood coatings for both professional renovators and home users are among the leading products in wood care thanks to new generation formulas that are easy to work with and respect the environment. Wood coating products include a choice of wood stains, oils, waxes and varnishes for wood floors, furniture as well as a range of wood treatments for the exterior.

Whether you wish to prepare, protect or maintain your wood surfaces, Blanchon provides the high performance product for any particular type of wood. Obtain a beautiful white finish on tannic woods with greater facility, use a hardwax oil that nourishes and also protects your wood floor... Blanchon wood coatings have been designed for ease of application but also to help you create an expert finish for all your wood care projects.

Feel free to learn more about Blanchon wood coating products, the technology behind the innovative wood care products and their technical specifications online, as well as the French company's specialities such as the excimer-laser induced varnishes. Workshop videos are also available to help you make the best use of your wood care treatments.


Wood coatings for a beautiful and safe environment

Blanchon is dedicated to designing products that preserve the home and environment from harmful emissions and has a long-standing experience in sustainable development. Safety and innovation are at the core of Blanchon's values; professionals and home decorators can trust the Blanchon label for quality and practical wood care. If you have any further queries or would like to find a distributor near you, please contact us.