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Quality products

The Blanchon Group ensures its standing by the performance of its products and the reliability of its customer service.




To guarantee optimal functioning of its operational centers, the Blanchon Group implemented as soon as 1998 rigorous quality control procedures.


The Blanchon Group dedication to quality relies on three bases:
Rigorous quality control
We only select the highest quality raw materials and monitor carefully every step of the production process.

Easy to use products
Our R&D center as well as our production lines aim for the same objective: reliable, easy to apply products ensuring maximum efficiency to our customers. We create user-friendly products with customer satisfaction in mind. Our efforts have been recognized on a regular basis and we received a safety certificate in 1984, the “Ange Bleu” label in 1988 and the "NF environment” mark in 1992.

Unmatched reliability
From the outset, we employ every human and technical resources to:
• Ensure consistent quality in the products and services we provide to our customers.
• An innovation that respect people and the environment.
• Attain excellence in quality.
• Controlling the toxological and ecotoxological profiles of our raw materials before using them.
• Managing the environmental and health risks throughout the lifetime of our products.
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Thanks to its management the Blanchon Group guarantees its customers a service rate of 99%, fulfilling all their expectations in a timely manner. †