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S.O. Primer

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Blanchon S.O. Primer is a one-component primer for wooden floors

Versatile & Quick-Drying primer with a low odour:

- It is suitable before an application of Belmont®, Intensiv™, Initial®, Sport™. It enhances nicely the wood colour -especially when used in conjunction with Allroad®.

- It is also designed for use on bare wood previously treated with solvent-based finishes: it "seals" contaminants in the wood and increases adhesion for subsequent coats of any Blanchon lacquers.

Dry in 45 minutes
Excellent adhesion
Very low odour
Easy application
Quick-drying primer, suitable for all types of use (with wooden floor lacquers or waxes)
Recommended for exotic and resinous woods

S.O. Primer is recommended for "fixing" Blanchon Waterborne Dye, Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent, before the application of a water-based lacquer.

Coverage rate
10 sqm per litre
per coat

Pack Size
10 L
5 L

SO Primer Blanchon

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