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Pro Filler®

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Very fluid water-based binder for joint filling

Blanchon Pro Filler® is a water-based resin binder, specially formulated for filling joints, cracks, small fissures (up to 2 mm), holes and splits (up to 3 mm in successive applications) in bonded wood floors, wood furniture or woodwork.

The result of the latest innovative technology, Pro Filler® is recommended for general filling of bonded wood floors. Do not use on floors laid on joists. Pro Filler® is a fast-drying, fast-hardening binder. It does not alter the natural wood shade. Outstanding adhesion on most types of wood.

Colour-matched filling for wood floors and woodwork
Apply with a spatula
Fast drying
Excellent adhesion
For use only on glued wooden floors
Suitable for all types of finishes
Natural finish

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Pack Size
5 L
1 L

Pro Filler Blanchon

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