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Global methodology

Vitrificateur Parquet Blumor® SD


Before designing and releasing a new product on the market, a list of precise specifications is established with industrials to give them a tailored solution to their needs.
The following points are discussed in the document:

  • Technical specifications of the varnish in its liquid and dry state,
  • Drying conditions,
  • Definition of the inspection parameters during production and creation of an analysis certificate,
  • Compliance to current environmental regulations (REACH, emissions of volatile organic compounds.
Industrie études formulations
Studies - Compositions

The research and development laboratory works all year round on the composition of its varnishes. These studies aim at developing the most efficient products at the best cost and selecting raw materials upon their environmental features.

 laboratoire industrie chimiste
Description of the process

Blanchon Industry guides the Industrials in establishing a technical framework and choosing adequate equipment (varnishing machines, Wattage of the UV lamps etc.), an essential step to obtain quality results. This cooperation takes place on new installations and already existing production lines to integrate technical and environmental improvements

Planche bois application pilote industrie
Trial applications

The Blanchon Industries Laboratory uses all the necessary equipment to replicate the application process of its products in real conditions. Focusing on rigorous testing of the varnishes and their implementation before industrialization, we greatly reduce the time spent calibrating and overseeing production lines.

Analyse performance industrie
Performance Analysis

The varnishes technical characteristics are tested and controlled on their final support (wood, plastic etc..) in accordance to the established required specifications:

  • abrasion,
  • scratches,
  • impacts,
  • chemical conduct,
  • flexibility,
  • light resistance,
  • VOC emissions,
  • slipperiness,
  • curling,
  • scuffing,
  • wheeled chair test.

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